Earlier this week NASA released images and videos of a massive coronal mass ejection(CME), which was recorded by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).
During this enormous eruption a huge amount of solar plasma (primarily consisting of protons and electrons, but also having some heavier elements up to iron) was flung out of the sun at a velocity of about 1450 km/s.

If this event would have been directed at us then it could have had a lot of negative effects. The least damaging being an aurora, also called the Northern or Southern lights, depending on the hemisphere it is on.
Besides that, the electromagnetic radiation from these filaments can damage satellites, electronics and transmission lines (causing large and long lasting power outages.)
Also, humans at high altitudes (like planes) risk a much higher exposure to cosmic radiation, which are potentially lethal in high quantities.

Luckily, the event was directed away from us, so we could focus on recording it. Which is exactly what NASA has done, they have acquired a series of amazing pictures and recordings of the event, as shown below.

The pictures below show the event in four different ultraviolet wavelengths. 33.5nm (depicted as blue), 17.1 nm (yellow), 30.4 nm (red) and 13.1 nm (teal)

The August 31 2012 coronal mass ejection shown in four different extreme ultraviolet wavelengths at 19:49 UT. Clockwise from upper left, the wavelengths are: 335, 171, 131, 304 angstroms.

A picture of the entire sun and the CME at full length depicted in 30.4 and 17.1nm wavelengths

An overlay blended version of the 304 and 171 angstrom wavelengths.

And finally a short video showing the event in action:

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