Welcome to the our ambigram generator.

What are ambigrams?

Ambigrams are words written in such a way that they can be read in multiple directions, mostly mirrored horizontally. Turn the picture upside-down and it will be the same

What does this “generator” do?
With this program you can mirror any word and even 2 different words of the same length. Fill in your word(s) in the textbox below and press generate, to generate a free ambigram.

Online Ambigram Generator
You can enter one word or two words of the same length, separated by a space
If the words are not of the same length or if there are more then two words nothing will appear. Note: This is a very old generator and it does not weigh up to custom hand made ambigrams. Please see our hand made section below to order a hand made

Free Ambigram Generator

The Ambimatic font is made by David Holst and was once hosted on his Ambimatic website.
The Ambinit font is made by Manoj Mhapankar for TrulyScience.

Hand Made Ambigrams
If you want a hand made Ambigram, send us an email to admin at trulyscience.com.