Welcome to the our ambigram generator.

What are ambigrams?

Ambigrams are words written in such a way that they can be read in multiple directions, mostly mirrored horizontally. Turn the picture upside-down and it will be the same

What does this “generator” do?
With this program you can mirror any word and even 2 different words of the same length. Fill in your word(s) in the textbox below and press generate, to generate a free ambigram.

Online Ambigram Generator
You can enter one word or two words of the same length, separated by a space
If the words are not of the same length or if there are more then two words nothing will appear. Note: This is a very old generator and it does not weigh up to custom hand made ambigrams. Please see our hand made section below to order a hand made

Free Ambigram Generator

The Ambimatic font is made by David Holst and was once hosted on his Ambimatic website.
The Ambigram generator is Copyright SW-GM/Trulyscience 2007-2020

Hand Made Ambigrams
If you want a hand made Ambigram, send us an email to admin at trulyscience.com.