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What causes double rainbows?
Now that we understand rainbows and how they are formed, we can go deeper into the science behind them, and explain the workings of
How do rainbows work?
Rainbows are one of natures most beautiful and amazing sights, mystifying people since the dawn of time. Inspiring hundreds of stories, myths and fairytales,
What is the color of the Sun?
We all know the Sun as the big yellow disk in the sky, providing us with light and warmth. However if we look at
Why are Planets Round?
If we look at pictures of planets, stars or other celestial bodies, we soon see a resemblance between them: they are round. Now one may
Why do wet clothes get darker?
We all have the almost instinctive ability to tell the difference between a wet and dry surface. Knowing that dark spots on clothes, blackboards,
Why is snow white?
If you ask anyone for a description of snow, you would most likely hear them say "white". In fact, this is so embedded in
Why do some balloons float?
Everyone has seen a few balloons in his lifetime, whether they are helium or air filled. If this is true for you, than you